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Facts About Phone Repairs

Our smartphones are slowing becoming the drivers of our daily lives, and we’re getting more dependent on these devices with every passing day. Phones are used by us for a number of reasons. That is why when our mobile phone gets damaged, our life comes to halt, and we run to get it repaired as soon as possible. Here are some of the most surprising facts about smartphone repairs.

Many iPhones Get Damaged By Beer That might seem strange to read, but it is a reality that over 12% of all the iPhones that come in for repairs have been damaged by spilled beer. Beer damage is counted under the water damage category, and water damage is the leading cause of smart phone repairs. Spilled Soda The actual water related issue is on the first number, and spilled soda is in the second place. Soda can also stick inside your mobile phone to make the repair a nightmare. So, keep your mobile phone away from the soda the next time you’re drinking it. If the motherboard of your iPhone gets damaged, it might be very difficult to repair it, for this you can visit for more info. Most Phones Don’t Make Their First Year While the new phone getting released in the market claim to be damage and water resistant, around 10% of all the iPhones and Samsung galaxy phones encounter a damage in their first year of usage. Some unfortunate people, this can happen within just a few weeks of them buying their brand new, expensive device. What Are The Most Popular Smartphone Activities? Although the modern smartphones are capable of doinglots of things, the most popular smartphone activities still are texting and taking photos. With that out of the way, we also need to keep our smartphones is a pristine condition. Cracked screens don’t only look ugly, but they can also cut your finger.

April 28, 2020