Learn about the new effects that Bitcoin halving 2020 will cause

Bitcoin, is a digital currency or cryptocurrency, as it is commonly called, was created in 2009, at which time it was not so important
But right now, it has been considered as the payment currency in the future.

Bitcoin is currently has become a more popular cryptocurrency among markets like the United States and the European Union. However, today it has begun to grow in other entities, such as South American countries; you can identify it by its acronym that is BTC.
In turn, the BTC money or currency is generated through a process called mining, which consists of solving mathematical problems; whoever solves them receives 50 Bitcoin as a reward.
Anyone who has a powerful and modern computer will be able to install a mining program and start producing Bitcoin, although it is not easy due to its technological demands. Each user who uses Bitcoin is called a miner; each of them accepts the Bitcoin rules, the first being that this currency is limited to 21 million BTC.
The second contributes that for every 210,000 blocks, which are added to the blockchain, or purchase of BTC, the reward decreases to 50%. Due to the growth of users who handle BTC, currently, this currency has had to go through the process of Reduction to bitcoin halving.
That means that each time the reward is reduced to 50% of BTC, available to users who constantly buy BTC. The possibilities could mean that its value is less, but there is information that this eventuality of this digital currency occurs every four years.
For 2012, there was a reduction in Bitcoin halving, and another in the year of 2016. This Bitcoin halving 2020 effect will occur again in May 2020, hoping that its consequence is that the price of BTC will be lower, but that over the days, its price will favor the rest.
So, do not hesitate any longer, and stay tuned for news from the website to participate in Bitcoin halving 2020.