The treasure at Tampines price is unmatched

In the treasure at tampines balance unit condominium in Singapore, everyone will count on busy spaces and accessories. This wide variety of components is among the maximum quality, at which you will find major family appliance manufacturers such as Electrolux and Hansgrohe. Each of the chambers will be designed with wise neighborhood engineering, food, amenities, and universities that range from basic to tertiary.

Treasure At Tampines is just a significant land-size mega-project launch in eastern Singapore. The size with the essential condominium is about equal to what might be 11 football areas. This condominium place provides people with closeness to both substantial and large pensions and multinational corporations from the town.

A winning location

The treasure At Tampines price is people’s reach, and, evaluating the strengths the condo offers, it is in a dream price tag. The proximity with the condo to lots of additional industrial and business improvements brings amazing benefits to marketers. Dozens of who decide to purchase a space inside this condo will probably have great relations with the rest of Singapore and its important sites.

This condo is located within walking distance of the Most luxury and important shopping centers from the metropolis also is a mature estate with numerous communities. The owners enjoy functional, practical, and broad dispositions that provide the best diversion and individual leisure chances. For the slightest of the family, this condo contains educational institutions , not to neglect instruction.

Treasure At Tampines key services

The treasure At Tampines balance unit divides into 128 facilities which can be categorized into a few main topics: games and health and fitness; pools and water matches; meetings and rest. The condo includes 13 private pools to relish visitors where kids have hours of entertainment about the best slides.
Games may be on-board courtyardstennis Courts, scaling walls, sports courts, plus far more. Rest and meetings may be Possible with the huge variety of spaces that this condo gets for entertainment And relaxation.